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Meetall Sports - Premier Wholesale Playground Tiles Manufacturer of China

Are you looking for the best quality playground safety rubber tiles? We are a direct source for buying playground tiles. Meetall Sports Co., Ltd offers their customers the safest solution for kindergarten playground tiles. We are a leading playground tiles manufacturer in China which provides the best quality tiles and mats for playgrounds at competitive rates. They are used to beautify any playground and backyard area, which are made from recycled rubber tires. Before manufacturing the playground flooring products, we always take care of children's safety who play on these grounds.

As a leading playground rubber tiles supplier in China, we provide our customers aesthetically-appealing and versatile variety of rubber floor tiles for the playgrounds. We introduce the most innovative and creative flooring designs that will attract our customers and guarantee their comfort.

Playground Rubber Tiles Features

1: Non-toxic

2: Eco-friendly

3: Easy to install and clean

4: Long life-time

5: Excellent shock

6: Weather Proof

Benefits Of Interlocking Rubber Playground Tiles

1: Safety

We believe in working on the most critical factor at first, which is the safety of children’s. This is the reason why we produce impact-resistant and slip-resistant rubber floorings. We manufacture it to be springy and flexible. The cushion effect minimizes the chances of any injuries when the children fall in the playground. We also make the slip-resistant surface to help the children slide on a slick surface.

2: Attractive and Stylish

We offer the rubber ground in various colors and textures that make the ground look vibrant and attractive. Our eye-catchy, stylish and vibrant ground tiles will surely attract all the customers. As a demanding playground tiles manufacturer, we customize the floor titles according to your recommended colors, logos, and designs.

3: Noise Absorbing

The rubber material which we use absorbs all the sound noise instead of reflecting it.

4: Easy to Clean

The rubber playgrounds we manufacture are even stain-resistant and also repels the dirt away. They are easy to maintain.

5: Sturdiness

Our manufactured playground tiles are extremely durable, UV-resistant, and frost-proof as well. This is the reason they are long-lasting.

Get The Best Services

With the top-quality rubber floor titles you receive from us, we ensure that our services will not disappoint you. With us, you will experience the best services as ever.