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Premier EPDM SBR Rubber Granules Supplier

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Looking for the best SBR turf rubber granules? Meetall Sports Co. Ltd. is offering top-quality customized EPDM rubber granules under your range. SBR/EPDM rubber granule is an artificial grass infill used in football, cricket, home garden, and sports. Rubber granules, specially SBR/EPDM granules, are made up of recycled rubber of automotive and truck tires. During the recycling process of rubber granules, steel, and other hard cord material were removed.

As a leading EPDM rubber granules supplier in China, we provide the best granules product to the customer because of its superior quality and excellent convenience of playing sports it offers to the athletes. Rubber granules make playground surfaces plan and perfect, which is beneficial for players. We have a group of professional workers who work with full devotion to manufacturer the best SBR rubber granules material.

Application of SBR Turf Rubber Granules

SBR granules are used in a variety of applications and surfaces. These are:

1: Running Tracks

2: Playgrounds

3: Gymnasiums and Athletic Facilities

4: Tennis Courts

5: Golf Courses

6: Football Fields

7: Hospital, Industrial, and Bathroom Flooring

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Granules

1. The infill layer of rubber particles provides grip, slide comfort, stability, and energy restoration. As a result, playability on artificial grass is increase.

2. They are durable, sturdy, and highly resilient in nature. These things make it suitable for various applications and also make it long-lasting.

3. It also offers resistance to extreme outdoor conditions, which makes it perfect for all seasons.

4. The SBR turf rubber granules are also resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for dense traffic areas like sports grounds.

5. The breathable nature of our product ensures free air circulation and dissipates heat away. As it can withstand extreme heat conditions, it supports all activities under excessive heat.

6. Its elasticity provides maximum comfort and safety and does not let it deform.

7. The rubber granules we manufacture do not retain water but permits easy penetration of water where it easily drains and parches within minutes, thus allowing the sports activities to continue.

8. The EPDM-colored SBR rubber granules also encourage friction that guarantees anti-skid qualities, thus granting the players to do exercises without sustaining on the floor when they fall. Also, the rubber granules offer stability and balance, thus backing up most of the activities.

9. It creates the BEST shock-absorbing and sound-free environment for sportsmen and sportswomen.

Why Choose Us?

As a premium China EPDM rubber granules supplier, we deliver the best products to you in excellent condition at the most cost-effective ranges. We want everyone to get their hands-on high-quality products so that we can make all the grounds of the world aesthetically appealing and robust.