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Things You Must Know About the SBR Granules

Things You Must Know About the SBR Granules

From conveyor belts, tires to gaskets or seals, SBR (Styrene-Butadiene rubber) is a commonly used general-purpose rubber with a broad range of applications. The reason for the popularity of this synthetic material is, of course, its distinctive properties and varied applications. Also, it is the only rubber that features long-range elasticity, and which therefore fills a superior need in the latest technology.

SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) is a synthetic rubber which contains styrene and butadiene monomers. The random copolymer has features and properties like natural rubber and comprises of Styrene content in the array of 10-25%, contributing to excellent bonding and wearing characteristics, while the butadiene unit consists of approx. 60 to 70% trans-1,4; 15 to 20% cis-1,4; and 15 to 20% 1,2 formations for the polymer at 50°C.


The fantastic properties of the SBR turf include the following:-

1. The SBR Rubber is anti-slip, which makes it suitable for all sports grounds.

2. It is shock-absorbent as well.

3. The material is eco-friendly.

4. It is energy-rebound.

5. The best performance is due to the comfort and safety of the material.


The SBR turf granules are mostly employed in athletic tracks, playgrounds, equestrian spaces, sports fields, and artificial turf because of their excellent quality and unlimited benefits it serves.


The SBR turf granules have myriad benefits to serve, some of which are discussed here.

Economical and Safe

The main role of the SBR Turf is to render comfort and safety for the users. An economical solution that brings amazing advantages to the practitioners, it is mostly employed as infill in synthetic turf and shock pad in sports playgrounds and floorings.


The recycled SBR rubber granules are quite robust in addition to being economical, granting it a long life even with severe use and extreme weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

The SBR Granules are extracted from the recycling of tires, rendering them a new life. A new item that boosts comfort and performance.