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Nanjing Meetall Sports Company Ltd. caters to the best and safest rubber turf sheet solutions for your ground. Being one of the largest in-market, we supply our customers with top-quality rubber sheets providing them with perfect rubber floors per requirements. Our rubber floor options are versatile in size, design, material, standard, and color scheme choice so that no matter what sport-related granules are needed, there will always be an option available at Meetall! The team is dedicated to providing you with the best sports equipment and gym rubber floors. We have put efforts into developing ourselves as the go-to rubber sheet manufacturers sector while always paying attention to quality and quantity. Check out our Rubber Granule Industry Forecast from 2022 - 2027 in this research-deep report!

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Meetall focuses on quality control and ensures the customers that the products delivered to them are free from any defects and in their best condition.

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We, as well-trained teamwork, for the convenience of our customers and never delay their shipments. The shipments are always on time, and the products are in their excellent condition when you receive it.


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"MeetAll" focuses on quality control and ensures customers get the best rubber sheets and granules. We inspect each rubber sheet manufactured before delivery - our rubber sheets and granules are certified for best quality.

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For customer convenience, our shipments are never delayed with our well-trained teamwork. The playground equipment products are always on time; you'll receive them in excellent condition!


We satiate our customers by all means. Having a customer care department always at your service to answer all your queries and take your product reviews and our services. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.


To meet the desires of our clientele, we also provide customization services to them. MeetAll Rubber Sheet manufacturers, work under client recommendations according to the requirement of their subject area.

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Are Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles Any Good? (Ref DIY Video for Installation Ease)

Jun 8,2022

The 2x2 by 8mm rubber tiles are a great choice among many options for a home gym, garage, basement, or workout area. The tiles are easy to clean, durable, and have a reasonable price point for a quality product with an extra feature of Sound Dampening! Another essential advantage of the interlocking floor tiles is keeping them in place and still exercising on them without worrying about moving. You can drag and reposition your exercise equipment or workout gear with confidence that the tiles won’t move or break. Our Meetall Interlocking tiles are 100% polyurethane, so they have a high-quality feel and look, and they come in a variety of colors. Available in different sizes and colors, you should be able to find the best interlocking rubber sheet combination that works most suitable for your needs. If you’re inquisitive about this type of flooring, start with a test area to make sure it works before committing to the whole project. Better off discussing your needs with our expert using the WeChat or WhatsApp contacts given below. A dry fit is recommended so that no air pockets are formed between tiles. Once the dry fit is complete, the installer needs to level the tiles with a hand tamper and apply pressure. The rubber tiles can be installed over concrete or subflooring, or you can even use them on top of concrete. If you want a tile that looks good and is durable, then our interlocking floor tiles are best for you. The best thing about these tiles is that they are very easy to clean. They can be washed with soap and water and a sponge. No chemicals or abrasives are required. The only maintenance they need is to be swept once in a while. As for durability, they’re designed to hold up against daily foot traffic. They are strong and will hold up against most wear and tear. If you want a durable, affordable, and easy to clean solution to make an interlocking floor, consider getting a set of these 2x2 by 8mm by 8mm floor tiles. They can quickly go from your garage to your basement gym, and you can use them for various purposes. USP Features of our Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles The interlocking rubber tiles are constructed of 100 percent rubber compound. A rubber compound is the base material used to manufacture the interlocking rubber tiles and provides a resilient, long-lasting, and soft surface ideal for training or recreational uses. The rubber compound used in our 2x2 ft x 8 mm color interlocking rubber tiles is a high-quality compound resistant to harsh chemicals, oils, and other environmental elements. Our 2x2 ft x 8 mm color interlocking rubber tiles come with a certified warranty, meaning you will have plenty of time to enjoy your gym or weight room without worrying about breaking or wearing out your new flooring. We’re confident that our 2x2 ft x 8 mm color interlocking rubber tiles are safe, durable, and attractive flooring options for your gym, weight room, play area, or other active areas! To install our interlocking rubber tiles, follow these steps: 1. Set the leveler up on the subfloor. 2. Lay the interlocking rubber tiles onto the subfloor and push them into position. 3. Adjust the levels of the tiles, one tile at a time, to ensure that the tiles lay flat. 4. Make sure the tiles are pressed firmly into the subfloor. 5. Secure the edges of the tiles with carpet tape. 6. Use a dry sweeping motion to remove excess debris from the tiles. 7. Clean and sanitize the area to ensure the installation is done safely and securely. For an even better idea on how to install the tiles in any area at your home by yourself (DIY Video Reference), check out the step by step video by Glynn shared below for reference (not associated with Meetall)   You can see all our interlocking flooring tiles in our store and get more information. It is important to note that as our interlocking rubber floor tiles are precision cut, they may appear slightly rough at first. This will be corrected over time as the tiles begin to lay flat against the sub-floor. If you're interested in a custom-cut rubber tile solution for your gym, weight room, or any other area where you need a firm, durable, and easy-to-clean surface, contact us today!

What are Rubber Granules, and How Are They Helping the Industrial Sector?

May 20,2022

An Introduction to Industrial Uses of Rubber Granules (Rubber Industry Forecast numbers till 2027 below) When you think of rubber, the image of a tire comes to mind. However, there are many uses and a story for rubber other than tires. In the early 1800s, latex was still being extracted from natural sources like rubber trees. These materials had to be turned into a usable form for the production of products. It involved a granulation process that broke up the materials into smaller pieces. The process wasn’t very efficient and often resulted in waste and the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that were harmful to the environment and the people working in the manufacturing plants. Enter rubber granules! Rubber granules are rubber particles that have been broken down into fine pieces that are much less harmful than the original material. This process removes VOCs as well as contaminated materials such as mercury. It’s a win/win! The rubber granules can be recycled indefinitely, and the waste they produce is less harmful than other alternatives. Today, the industrial sector is still a large user of rubber granules. For example, rubber is often used in conveyor belts, gaskets, bearings, hoses, seals, springs, shock absorbers, vibration dampeners, and other rubber products. Industrial applications often require long-term and consistent service and specialized rubber compounds and products, and rubber granules are often a critical component in the manufacturing process. In addition to these industrial applications, rubber is used in the automotive, construction, mining, medical, consumer products, and pharmaceutical industries. Rubber granules come in a variety of forms, sizes, and shapes. They can be used as raw materials in manufacturing a wide variety of rubber products. What is Rubber Granule Made Of? Rubber granules are mainly composed of natural rubber particles with some additives. The granules can be further classified as rubber powders or rubber granules based on their particle size. Natural rubber granules and rubber powders are usually made from scrap rubbers and waste rubbers generated by making natural rubber, and their primary raw materials include natural rubber, carbon black, and some other additives. The granules are then mixed with oil to form an oil/rubber mixture molded to make rubber products. The oil content is around 2-20%, and rubber content is about 90-100%, depending on the types and specifications of the finished product. In addition to the granules and powders, the raw materials of natural rubber granules mainly contain natural rubber, carbon black, and oil, and the additives of the rubber granules mainly include vulcanization accelerator and antioxidants vulcanization accelerator, and so on. The content of each ingredient in natural rubber granules and rubber powders is controlled according to the standards of the finished products. The oil content should be less than 20%, and the rubber content should be higher than 85%. The oil content of natural rubber granules is usually 10-18%, and the rubber content is 85-100%. The oil content of rubber powders is usually 2%-12%, and the rubber content is 85%-99.9%. The content of each additive in rubber granules and rubber powders can be controlled according to the requirements of the finished products. What Does a Rubber Granule Do and its Uses? Rubber granules are a common ingredient in the industry. These granules are used as fillers or additives to help modify properties in rubber compounds, such as their tensile strength and flexibility. These properties are critical to the industry because they help improve how rubbers are used. Rubber is a product of choice because of its ability to withstand stress and flex. The rubber compound is created by adding rubber granules to other ingredients and then mixing these with the rubber to create a new blend. While there are many different granules used in rubber, some are often more popular than others. For example, silica granules are more commonly used in rubber due to stabilizing rubber compounds. Industrial rubber granules are also used to keep pipes from freezing in cold weather. Most water pipes run underground, but sometimes, lines are too far away from a home or business, and they cannot be buried. In those situations, plastic pipes must be used to protect the water. These pipes are often buried underground to prevent them from freezing. Plastic pipes require insulation to keep water from freezing. Insulating materials that work well include glass fiber and rubber granules. They can be used for the Resulting: - General purpose additives such as the filler for rubber mixtures - Anti-aging additive to increase the wear resistance of tires - Rubber chemicals, such as for the vulcanization process, increase the physical properties of rubber - Additives to improve the performance of tires, including but not limited to abrasion resistance, heat resistance, low rolling resistance, and chemical resistance - Additives to improve the adhesion and bonding between rubber and other materials such as rubber floorings and rubber sheets for various areas - Rubber extenders for plasticized PVC compounds - Latex processing, such as for tire manufacturing - Additives to improve the anti-static performance of rubber products such as playground turfs for minimizing injuries - Filler and extender for rubber products, such as but not limited to tire treads, shoe soles, conveyor belts, roofing membranes, and latex gloves What Are Some Famous Types of Rubber Granules? There are various types of rubber granules, including but not limited to crosslinked natural rubber granules, polypropylene granules, and vulcanized rubber granules. Rubber granules can be made of rubber compounds that are produced from natural or synthetic rubber materials, including but not limited to styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene-diene rubbers, and chloroprene rubber. Natural rubber granules are typically made from natural rubber, which comes from the sap of plants, and are often used in applications where the rubber needs to be processed at high temperatures. Synthetic rubber granules are made from synthetic rubber, which comes from chemical reactions between hydrocarbons, and are usually used in applications where heat and cold resistance are necessary. Generally, synthetic rubber granules are more resistant to heat than natural rubber granules and are usually more expensive than natural rubber granules due to post-processing needs and requirements for international standards. The granules made from natural rubber are naturally of the highest quality. What is the Future and Forecast of the Rubber Granule Industry? Rubber granules have been around since the beginning of rubber manufacturing, the early 1800s. As the rubber industry evolves and the consumer needs change, so does the need to keep rubber materials fresh and usable. Today, rubber granules are the leading material in flooring applications and one of the reasons for a better tire in every vehicle; one brand over another! Contact MeetAll Rubber Sheet Manufacturers for the best quality rubber sheets and floors for your offices, gyms, and play areas. Market Trends: The Rubber Granules market is highly competitive. Increasing focus on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives has imposed stringent regulations on the rubber granules market. Strict government regulations regarding raw materials have forced manufactories to source alternative raw materials to meet their demands. The market is also highly fragmented as it includes various manufacturers who manufacture different grades of rubber granules. Due to this high degree of competition, most companies are keen on adopting multiple strategies such as mergers & acquisitions to strengthen their positions in the market. Rubber granules have been around since the beginning of rubber manufacturing, the early 1800s. As the rubber industry advances and the consumer needs change, so does the need to keep rubber materials fresh and usable. Today, rubber granules are the leading material in tire applications and one of the reasons for a better tire; one brand over another! Global Rubber Granule Market Forecast: A few years ago, the average price of rubber granules was $30/ton. Today, the cost has increased to $40-60/ton. That’s a 20% increase in price, which has led to some serious questions about the sustainability of the rubber granules industry. The rubber granules market was actually a bit stagnant for a while. However, in the last year, there has been a tremendous rise in the demand for rubber granules. With new manufacturers entering the market and a resurgence of demand, the industry is now worth $1 billion annually. This growth could continue to accelerate in the coming years. In addition to new companies entering the market, there has also been an increase in demand among established companies who have switched to granulated rubber because it makes their processes more accessible. It also allows them to increase the production volume and reduce waste. The rubber granule industry is still relatively small, and there is a lot of room to grow. But with the rise in demand, we expect to see more companies enter the market. The market is divided into various segments based on the grade of rubber granules and their application. The global rubber granules market is projected to reach USD 1.1 billion by 2024. The global rubber granules market is expected to exhibit growth due to the increasing use of rubber products and the increase in demand for greener products. According to the latest research, the need for Rubber granules is anticipated to grow with an effective growth rate of about 4.0% to 6.0% between the coming assessment period of 2021-2031. Numerical expected growth: Year Compound Annual Growth Rate Expected Growth Percentile 2022 3.70% 11.0% 2023 3.75% 11.5% 2024 3.80% 12.0% 2025 3.85% 13.0% 2026 3.90% 14.0% 2027 4.00% 15.0% Major players in the global rubber granules market include BASF SE, Evonik Industries AG, Lubrizol, and Ticona Inc. Some of the key players in the worldwide rubber granules market focus on acquiring other companies or adopting various business strategies such as joint ventures to expand their business in emerging economies. Key players are also focusing on providing improved products and developing new applications to strengthen their position in the market. Key Markets: •             North America •             Europe •             Asia Pacific •             Latin America •             The Middle East and Africa Companies Mentioned: •             Nestle SA •             DuPont •             Ecolab •             Meetall Sports •             Kemira Oyj •             Makita Corporation •             PPG Industries, Inc •             Sika •             SITA •             Total S.A. •             Wacker Chemie AG •             Zhejiang Guangfa Rubber Products •             Yuanli •             Dongying Sanlu Group Co., Ltd. •             Melos GMBH •             Lianyungang Dexiang new materials •             Tyrec •             Sigma international •             J. Allock & Sons Ltd •             Khandesh enterprises •             Jim Blackburn trading •             Murfitts Industries •             Wuxi Yonghong technology co ltd •             India thermoplastic engineers •             Oyster Industries Pvt. Ltd •             Evonik Industries AG Expansion of Automotive and Construction Industry Amplifying the Demand for Rubber Granules There is no denying the fact that the demand for rubber is increasing rapidly, mainly due to the need of the automotive and construction industry. Due to the growing popularity of the automobile sector, this factor is expected to create significant breaks for the companies over the forecast period. Furthermore, the rising use of natural gas and its increasing availability, especially in the U.S., will significantly contribute to the market growth. However, on the other hand, the rising price of oil may hamper the development of this market. The global production of crude oil has been decreasing since 2016. Therefore, the cost of producing and distributing crude oil has increased significantly and has negatively impacted the overall demand for this resource. The top players are focusing on developing innovative products to cater to the growing demands of the construction and automotive industry. Moreover, the demand for granules is increasing due to increasing awareness about the health hazards associated with burning waste tires. Additionally, technological advancements in the tire manufacturing industry have led to the development of environmentally-friendly materials, such as rubber granules. How Do We Store The Rubber Granules? When rubber granules are stored in an unvented, sealed container, the fine particles can react with oxygen and moisture to produce a corrosive gas known as peroxide. If this occurs, the rubber granules can become discolored, and eventually, the granules can begin to break apart. In addition, rubber granules can clump together when exposed to moisture, and this can cause problems with the equipment used to process the granules. To prevent rubber granule exposure to moisture, it is recommended that the rubber granules be stored in an unvented container in a dry, dark area. The containers should also be cleaned after each use. The ideal container would be free of dust or other foreign material and one that is made from an inert material such as stainless steel. Resources for Further Information Meetall Sports Co., Ltd. MarketWatch 360marketupdates persistencemarketresearch

Playground Equipment Industry Analysis After Corona Virus Covid 19

Mar 7,2022

Playground Equipment Industry Statistics After Covid-19 and What to Expect in the Future! The playground equipment industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries globally. It has shown steady growth in different factors until the coronavirus outbreak jolted the world in late 2019. The playground equipment market was valued at 4180 million USD in 2018 and is projected to spike up to 8830 million USD by 2025. Although the playground market is expected to grow aggressively, it will face challenges that include a lack of standardization across companies and products. There are some reasons for constant pressure from government bodies on high safety standards and the increased cost of raw materials. It is not only grown in popularity, but it has also gone through significant technological advancements. No wonder the playground equipment industry has become a multimillion-dollar industry full of fun and excitement! The playground equipment industry has gone through critical changes in the past decade to become one of today's most sought-after industries. Playgrounds are something that has been around for a long time. During the 18th century, British philosopher John Locke suggested that children needed to play to develop their minds. He also stated that children needed to explore in a safe environment. Today, playgrounds are more than just fun wood chips and monkey bars. Many playgrounds have different obstacles that help children learn and play. It's also essential to have a playground when designing a new park or facility. The industry is expected to keep growing as the population of children is growing.   Playground Equipment Industry Statistics after Covid If you are a playground equipment industry professional (manufacturers, dealers, or any other service providers), you probably already know by now that Covid bought Playworld, which was an American playground equipment industry leader. You may have already read the news and seen the media coverage. However, what you might not know is that Covid is a company that buys companies in other industries, as well. That means that they are not just interested in playground equipment, but they are interested in you. If you are interested in the playground equipment industry statistics after Covid, this blog is for you! Commercial playground equipment manufacturing needs high-strength steel and stubborn surfaces (permanent latérale coating) to stand in the market. The main advantage of bulk products is that they are cheap and waste a tremendous amount of material, especially when manufacturing smooth tires, sound barriers, etc. A company like MeetAllSports can provide manufacturers with all these raw materials. This is an advantage for companies with trouble procuring their supplies due to fitting with the ISO standards on eco-friendly playground equipment designs. There are still no standards used for playground equipment designs or requirements in the U.S. Many companies have manufactured playground equipment based on different international type norms. Still, each of them has a variation concerning strength and size specifications. According to the Playground Equipment Industry Association, the playground equipment industry is annually a $12+ billion industry. According to a Business Insider article, the playground equipment industry will grow to $14 billion by 2017. The playground industry's growth is outpacing other industries such as the fitness equipment industry, and its growth by $2 billion. According to the World Bank, the playground industry is expected to keep growing as the population of children is growing, which is projected to increase by 32.6% between 2015 and 2030. The playground industry was expected to grow by $1 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%. Fitness equipment and recreation activities for outdoor fitness benefits have led to the growth of the whole industry in recent years. Outdoor playground equipment in this time, when the whole population has their noses stuck on their screens, is a must! There are several reasons for the popularity of playgrounds. They can spark the imagination, invoke adventure, and encourage physical activity and creativity. Parents don't mind when their kids spend hours in the park because most of the equipment is designed without splinters dents and is made of all-weather materials. Let your kids have fun with their friends. You can sit back, relax, and think about the good old days when you were a little kid yourself! The safety of children is a top priority for most parents. While today's society has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and fun, it can be hard to find anything that can replace nature and the outdoors! Many children are becoming accustomed to technology at a young age, negatively affecting their development. This is why it is essential to create an outdoor play area to enjoy! New Age Playgrounds New age playgrounds are the cutting edge of playground design and construction. They are custom-made for each park and playground and are made with high-quality equipment that allows children of all ages to play on them. They include special wooden and metal equipment that can withstand anything, including earthquakes and tornadoes. They have a lifetime guarantee and are built to last. The material used is where MeetAllSports steps in and helps the creators craft their exceptional masterpiece created to last! The Data for the Year Ahead for the Playground Industry The playground industry is rapidly changing from years prior. This is because of more research on the effects of injury and death on children. With injuries and deaths going up, more playground regulations are being enforced. Another reason why it is changing is because of new technology. Innovations in the materials that make up playground equipment, new ways to allow children to have fun, and new ways to continue to keep children safe. The playground industry is something that is on the rise. More and more playgrounds are popping up all over the place. The industry is expected to increase 10% this year alone. One of the reasons the demand for greens is so high is the increasing population of children being born. Everyone wants to make sure their children are happy! And since children love gardens, business owners want to provide a safe one for them. It's also a major draw for families. Families that want to spend a day outside want to make sure their children are having a blast. It's a win-win situation! Every year, the playground industry looks to improve on old designs. Most of the changes made are for the safety of children and to prevent injuries. However, some changes demonstrate that some accidents were not as bad as others thought and could have been stopped. These adjustments are mostly made to the rungs on the monkey bars, which are a constant source of injury. Each year there are more injuries to that area. So companies are trying out different ways to prevent injuries. They remove the rungs and create a place where people can place their feet most of the time. Most of the time, these steps are a success. These changes have allowed the industry to grow, and people love the new designs. The playground industry is booming with growth as new parents see the need for their kids to experience the great outdoors. And manufacturers are gearing up for this new market by making safer equipment. The playground industry is expected to grow by 5.2% over the next five years and reach over $10 billion! That's a lot of money! And with the growth, safety is vital, so manufacturers are making sure their equipment meets new regulations to secure their place in this new market. Even though Covid-19 Impacted the Playground Equipment Industry, Future Looks Promising! The playground equipment industry was significantly impacted by the pandemic known as Covid-19. Some companies went out of business, while others closed their factories and moved operations overseas. Covid-19 had a fundamental effect on the playground equipment industry. It prevented playground equipment companies from acquiring the raw materials to make their equipment. The playground equipment industry is still recovering from the effects of Covid-19, and some companies have not been able to recover. However, the playground equipment industry is beginning to thrive as interest in playground safety increases. We hope you enjoyed our article about the effects of Pandemic Covid-19. We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog, and we hope you will continue to support us! If you have any questions or would like to discuss our blog further, please contact MeetAllSports.

International Rubber Sheet Supplier Offering Best Floorings at Cost-Effective Packages

MeetAll Sports -> top-notch certified rubber sheet manufacturer in the international market. Our manufactured rubber sheets are the most selling and economical for everyone, as we want everyone to take advantage of good quality International rubber sheets for their floors. We provide these durable rubber tiles at wholesale and competitive market prices. As the best rubber sheet supplier, our services are not limited to China but worldwide with massive demand in the international market. The high-quality rubber sheets we manufacture are ideal for playgrounds, fitness centers, athletic tracks, and even offices and leisure areas. We take care of all the international standards while sheets of rubber and have all the required certifications that prove our ability to provide you with the best.

Only the Use of Premium Quality Rubber Sheets

MeetallSports is a well-renowned rubber flooring brand. We believe in manufacturing a product that remains beneficial for you even after years. This is why we fabricate the top-quality china rubber sheet supplier that is applicable for home, commercial, and industrial applications:-

1. Rubber is an excellent cushion, and because of its flexibility, it can protect various work surfaces in industrial environments.

2. It is exceptionally safe for public and private areas as it keeps everyone safe from injuries if anyone falls on it.

3. It is anti-vibration in nature and prevents annoyance.

4. It is also resistant to rusting and discoloration, best for indoor activity areas like gyms.

5. It is highly versatile for long-term abuse, such as playgrounds!

Customer Care is Our Foremost Goal

We comprehend the importance of providing a good quality product to our customers and ensure our clients that we never compromise the quality. Our shipments are always on time for our customer's convenience, and there are no delays. Our experience and affordability make us prominent in the rubber tile' industry. The products that reach you are in excellent condition because of our proper packaging. The buyers will be attracted to these exceptional products that will prosper your business even more. Keep in mind that your satisfaction is our priority.

History of Rubber Granules, Tiles, and Sheets

The history of rubber granules, tiles, and sheets is similar to that of linoleum. Still, the timing of the introduction of each type of flooring differs from region to region.

Rubber granules were introduced as a replacement for a vinyl floor covering in the 1950s. They were introduced in Japan in the mid-1950s and were first used in the United States in the 1960s. The first patent for rubber granules as a floor covering was granted in 1965 to Edwin J. Haines in the United States. He developed the product because he felt that vinyl floor covering was too brittle and that vinyl flooring would crack if a heavy object hit it. Rubber tiles became more widespread in the 1970s as a more attractive and durable floor covering. In Europe, rubber tiles became popular during the 1970s and 1980s but have been slowly replaced by other floor coverings since the 1990s.

Sheets made from rubber were developed during the early 1970s. In addition to replacing natural and vinyl linoleum sheets, rubber sheets can also be used to manufacture carpets and rugs. Commercial rubber granules, tiles, and sheets are used as floor coverings. Natural rubber flooring was first introduced in the United States in the 1930s. In the 1950s, natural rubber flooring became renowned as a floor covering. It was developed initially as a substitute for linoleum and asphalt. It was also used as a floor covering in industrial applications such as warehouses and factories.

History of Linoleum

Linoleum is a floor covering composed of ground rubber, cork dust, and sawdust. The first patent for linoleum was granted in 1869 to William L. Thomas in the United States. Linoleum was initially used as a substitute for wood floors because it was inexpensive and easy to install. It is still widely used today.

In the 1920s, linoleum became famous as a floor covering for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. During the 1930s, linoleum became popular for use in residential applications. The history of rubber flooring has followed a similar pattern to that of linoleum.