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Nanjing Meetall Sports Company Ltd. caters to the best and safest rubber turf sheet solutions for your ground. Being one of the largest in-market, we supply our customers with top-quality rubber sheets providing them with perfect rubber floors per requirements. Our rubber floor options are versatile in size, design, material, standard, and color scheme choice so that no matter what sport-related granules are needed, there will always be an option available at Meetall! The team is dedicated to providing you with the best sports equipment and gym rubber floors. We have put efforts into developing ourselves as the go-to rubber sheet manufacturers sector while always paying attention to quality and quantity. Check out our Rubber Granule Industry Forecast from 2022 - 2027 in this research-deep report!

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Quality Check

Meetall focuses on quality control and ensures the customers that the products delivered to them are free from any defects and in their best condition.

On Time Delivery

We, as well-trained teamwork, for the convenience of our customers and never delay their shipments. The shipments are always on time, and the products are in their excellent condition when you receive it.


We satiate our customers by all means. We have a customer care department who is always at your service to answer all your queries and take your review of the products and our services. Our customer’s satisfactions are always our first priority.


To meet the desires of our clientele, we also provide customization services to them. We work under their recommendations and according to the requirement of their places.

our amazing fact

Quality Check

"MeetAll" focuses on quality control and ensures customers get the best rubber sheets and granules. We inspect each rubber sheet manufactured before delivery - our rubber sheets and granules are certified for best quality.

On Time Delivery

For customer convenience, our shipments are never delayed with our well-trained teamwork. The playground equipment products are always on time; you'll receive them in excellent condition!


We satiate our customers by all means. Having a customer care department always at your service to answer all your queries and take your product reviews and our services. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.


To meet the desires of our clientele, we also provide customization services to them. MeetAll Rubber Sheet manufacturers, work under client recommendations according to the requirement of their subject area.

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The Best Flooring Options for Daycare

Sep 19,2022

The Best Flooring Options for Daycare Daycare facilities and the parents that run them need flooring options that are easy to maintain, safe for the children, and attractive to adults looking to relax and unwind. Choosing flooring options can be tricky in any environment, but the choice is even more problematic when looking at options for children's settings. Children's safety is paramount, but so is the look and feel of the room, as it will set the tone for behavior and comfort for the children. If you are a parent who works full-time, you know how hard it can be to take a break and enjoy the company of your kids in a peaceful, calm environment. You don't want to leave your child unattended in the care of others for extended periods, so you don't want to take the chance that they could slip and fall. If you are a daycare facility owner, you know that the safety of your center is essential to you, which is why you want to have flooring solutions that you can depend on. A slippery, sticky surface can create a hazardous situation that can cause children to slip and fall. This is particularly true when older children and toddlers are on the floor. As you begin to think about how to improve the interior design of your facility, you may find that you are drawn to the option of flooring that looks pretty but might not last. However, that doesn't mean that you should ignore the options that are easy to maintain and don't leave a sticky mess behind! What is the Best Flooring Option for your Daycare Facility? Hardwood Hardwood is generally a safe choice. It is resistant to water damage and is easy to clean. It's easy to install and offers your daycare facility a clean, timeless look. Hardwood is also a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. Cork The beauty of cork is that it's easy to clean. It's an ideal flooring solution for any daycare facility. It's non-slip, durable, and won't require re-staining once the children have worn it away. It's lightweight, easy to transport, and very resistant to scratches. Cork is the perfect flooring option for any daycare facility that wants to provide children with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-allergenic environment. It's also a good option for those who want to use a natural alternative. Laminate Laminate is a quick, easy-to-install option that offers durability but comes with a price. Laminate is non-slip, scratch-resistant, and will be long-lasting if maintained. It's very affordable and easy to clean. However, there are drawbacks. It's not very resilient to stains, and the colors don't come in a wide range of colors. Stainless Steel Tiles These tiles are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or areas where you want to minimize the chance of stains or scuffing. Granite and Marble These flooring options are beautiful and durable but also very expensive. Meetall Advice Flooring materials provide a safe, dry, and clean environment to play and learn. And with today's busy families, this has become increasingly important. Parents are often torn between the desire to provide a beautiful space for kids to grow up in and the need to save money on other areas of the house. In the last ten years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of wood and laminate flooring. As of 2017, wood flooring made up almost 20 percent of the market, while laminate flooring stood at around 70 percent. Wood has a much better lifespan than vinyl, standing the test of time with little or no maintenance. A ceramic tile is a good option if you're looking to invest in a more low-maintenance option. It's inexpensive, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. You can choose natural stone, porcelain tile, or even vinyl tile. Consider installing hardwood floors in a child's daycare room if you plan to install a moisture barrier underneath the surface. This will ensure that moisture doesn't get trapped between the boards, which could cause wood rot or mold.   You can also check out our post about interlocking floor tiles and if they are any good!

How to Know When to Sand Your Floors?

Sep 19,2022

How to Know When to Sand Your Floors? "Sand the floors, polish the brass, put up a new coat of paint... but please don't do anything to damage the floor coverings." Or at least, that's what most carpet installers would say. They know that a quality installation means you won't need to replace the flooring or take up a bunch of padding to get it out. They know that replacing a section of flooring is expensive and can expose your family to potential health risks and the messiness of the work. But what if you're buying a pre-owned home and the previous owner decided to sand the floors instead of installing new flooring? Can you roll with it? What if the problem is a little worse than that? Many homeowners end up sanding through a beautiful hardwood floor after years of living with it! Or worse, when the base is new, and the homeowner is so used to living with an old, dingy, dusty finish, they don't even notice until they've spent thousands of dollars fixing it (not a wishful scenario). Most people don't think about whether or not their floors need sanding. But should you? And how do you know when sanding is necessary? The purpose of sanding your floor is to ensure it's at its best level of performance. It also removes any irregularities from the surface that will cause issues with your installation process. These issues include scratches, uneven surface height, and areas where you may have to cut or grind the surface to fit together. The Best Times are these Specific Times for Floor Sanding! After an intense winter, or when your floors are just starting to show signs of wear, there may come a time when you need to get your floors sanded. While this is usually an indication that you need to start looking for a new home, it can also be the perfect time to update the look of your floors with an epoxy coating. You'll find that you can achieve various looks with the epoxy coatings available today. These can include the classic solid look you see at your famous stores or a wide range of finishes applied to the wood to create a unique look beyond traditional stain and paint. If you're looking for a truly unique look, you might want to consider the new gel coatings that are becoming popular. This type of finish has a gel-like consistency that offers the look of real stone and the durability of epoxy. While epoxy coatings are a great option for any project, you need to consider the following before applying one to your flooring: 1) Does the surface you'll be coating have a glossy finish? The best choice is to avoid this. 2) Is the substrate made of concrete? Concrete tends to absorb water. So, if you want to coat a concrete floor, you must prep it properly. 3) Is the floor thick? If the floor is too thin, the coating will be unable to spread evenly. 4) Do you plan on putting furniture on the floor? If so, you'll want to avoid coating wood. A thin, protective coat on the surface makes it difficult for furniture to stick. 5) Does the floor have much traffic? If so, you want to avoid sanding it. 6) What's your budget? If you don't have much money, you may want to reconsider this floor coating. It is not cheap!!! 7) How long do you plan to keep the coat? You want to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to dry. 8) What is your deadline? Using this new coating probably won't make sense if your goal is to move into your new home in less than a year.

What is Athletic Flooring? How is it Helping the Modern Athletes?

Aug 16,2022

What Is Athletic Flooring? The floor of any gymnasium is a place where athletes usually train. And if you are one of the gymnasium users, then you must be aware of the floor type. The gymnasium's floor is mainly made of hardwood and tiles, but installing Athletic Flooring (materials that provide resistance) is essential for modern athletes. The reason behind it is to make the gymnasium more comfortable for athletic activities. They must do various exercises while training in the gym, and the floor is designed to keep it free from any injury. The gymnasium floor is usually divided into different sections to keep the different activities separate. It is also used as a place for yoga and meditation. As the floor is very important to these activities, you can see that there are many options for Athletic Flooring available in the market. But before buying one, you need to understand what athletic flooring is and how it is used. Athletic floors are preferable for modern athletes, and these types of materials are also suitable for other sports such as basketball courts, playgrounds, and running tracks. Athletic flooring has various benefits. It keeps the area clean and makes it easier to maintain. It also keeps the gymnasium dry, especially during winter. A lot of people spend a long time in the gym, so this helps to save their time. It is also helpful in making the gymnasium more comfortable and appealing. How Is It Helping the Modern Athletes? As athletes get older and more experienced, they get into more accidents, especially in the gym. The risk of injury goes up. When you buy new equipment, you always want to be sure that it is suitable for the task. It should be able to handle a certain amount of stress and can make your workout more comfortable. However, you must consider many things, like cost, weight, durability, and style. So, you can choose the best gym floor for your gym. The athletic floor can make your workouts more flexible and safe. If you are looking for an athletic floor, you should choose a gym floor that is lightweight and durable. The athletic flooring is designed in such a way that it can absorb the impact and prevent any kind of injury. The floor absorbs the impact of the athlete, and the force is transferred to the ground instead of the athlete. Therefore, the floor will make the training much more comfortable, and the athlete will not get any kind of injury. The floor supports the athlete, makes the gymnasium more flexible, and can be used for multiple purposes. The floor protects the athlete’s knees, ankles, hips, back, and other body parts. The floor is made of several layers. The first layer is a cushion. This layer helps in cushioning the impact. The next layer is the air layer. This layer absorbs the impact and prevents the athlete from getting injured. The next layer is a shock absorption layer. This layer absorbs the impact and prevents the athlete from getting injured. The last layer is the support layer. It is very soft and smooth and helps in giving the athlete a fantastic workout. The floor has a lot of advantages over the traditional floors. It is very soft, flexible, durable, and lightweight. The floor is made from a particular material called ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is safe for athletes. The floor is also very resistant to water and chemicals and is easy to clean. The floor is made from natural materials and does not require any maintenance. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This design has been used for many years and is a very popular flooring option. The most famous ones are gyms, sports clubs, sports centers, colleges, universities, and stadiums. It can be used for both individual and team sports. You might be wondering why it is called the Athletic Flooring and why it is used for the gymnasium. The answer to this is that the floor is designed to be used by modern athletes for various different activities and helps them to perform better.

International Rubber Sheet Supplier Offering Best Floorings at Cost-Effective Packages

MeetAll Sports -> top-notch certified rubber sheet manufacturer in the international market. Our manufactured rubber sheets are the most selling and economical for everyone, as we want everyone to take advantage of good quality International rubber sheets for their floors. We provide these durable rubber tiles at wholesale and competitive market prices. As the best rubber sheet supplier, our services are not limited to Asia only. We wholesale worldwide clients with massive demand in the international market. Our high-quality rubber sheets are ideal for playgrounds, fitness centers, athletic tracks, and even offices and leisure areas. We take care of all the international standards while sheets of rubber and have all the required certifications that prove our ability to provide you with the best.

Only Using Premium Quality Rubber Sheets

MeetallSports is a well-renowned rubber flooring brand. We believe in manufacturing a product that remains beneficial for you even after years. This is why we congratulate ourselves as the top-quality rubber sheet supplier - applicable for home, commercial, and industrial applications:-

1. Rubber is an excellent cushion, and because of its flexibility, it can protect various work surfaces in industrial environments.

2. It is exceptionally safe for public and private areas as it keeps everyone safe from injuries if anyone falls on it.

3. It is anti-vibration in nature and prevents annoyance.

4. It is also resistant to rusting and discoloration, best for indoor activity areas like gyms.

5. It is highly versatile for long-term abuse, such as playgrounds!

Customer Care is Our Foremost Goal

We comprehend the importance of providing a good quality product to our customers and ensure our clients that we never compromise the quality. Our shipments are always on time for our customer's convenience, and there are no delays. Our experience and affordability make us prominent in the rubber tile' industry. The products that reach you are in excellent condition because of our proper packaging. The buyers will be attracted to these exceptional products that will prosper your business even more. Keep in mind that your satisfaction is our priority.

History of Rubber Granules, Tiles, and Sheets

The history of rubber granules, tiles, and sheets is similar to that of linoleum. Still, the timing of the introduction of each type of flooring differs from region to region.

Rubber granules were introduced as a replacement for a vinyl floor covering in the 1950s. They were introduced in Japan in the mid-1950s and were first used in the United States in the 1960s. The first patent for rubber granules as a floor covering was granted in 1965 to Edwin J. Haines in the United States. He developed the product because he felt that vinyl floor covering was too brittle and that vinyl flooring would crack if a heavy object hit it. Rubber tiles became more widespread in the 1970s as a more attractive and durable floor covering. In Europe, rubber tiles became popular during the 1970s and 1980s but have been slowly replaced by other floor coverings since the 1990s.

Sheets made from rubber were developed during the early 1970s. In addition to replacing natural and vinyl linoleum sheets, rubber sheets can also be used to manufacture carpets and rugs. Commercial rubber granules, tiles, and sheets are used as floor coverings. Natural rubber flooring was first introduced in the United States in the 1930s. In the 1950s, natural rubber flooring became renowned as a floor covering. It was developed initially as a substitute for linoleum and asphalt. It was also used as a floor covering in industrial applications such as warehouses and factories.

History of Linoleum

Linoleum is a floor covering composed of ground rubber, cork dust, and sawdust. The first patent for linoleum was granted in 1869 to William L. Thomas in the United States. Linoleum was initially used as a substitute for wood floors because it was inexpensive and easy to install. It is still widely used today.

In the 1920s, linoleum became famous as a floor covering for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. During the 1930s, linoleum became popular for use in residential applications. The history of rubber flooring has followed a similar pattern to that of linoleum.